Cisco 3560 EtherChannel and QNAP TS-859U port trunking

Quick “how-to” configure EtherChannel between Cisco 3560 switch and QNAP TS-859U NAS in order to increase bandwidth and create link redundancy.

  1. SSH to Cisco 3560 switch and configure ports which are connected directly to QNAP NAS. Since I have two connection between switch and NAS I created same configuration for both ports Gi0/13 and Gi0/14 as follow:

    switch02#conf t
    Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
    switch02(config)#int range gi0/13-14

    description QNAP NAS
    switchport access vlan 97
    switchport mode access
    channel-protocol lacp
    channel-group 2 mode active
    spanning-tree portfast

    I’ve already have Port-channel1 group on my switch configuration therefore I added both ports to new channel-group 2. Remember to specify correct VLAN id otherwise EtherChannel connection won’t establish.

  2. Once you configured ports configure Port-channel group in my case it’s Port-channel 2. Navigate to newly create Port-channel with the following command, add description for the Port-channel interface, assign it to the desired vlan and select appropriate switchport mode, in my case its access mode.
    switch02#conf t
    switch0202(config)#int port-channel 2
    description AGLON-QNAP02 EtherChannel
    switchport access vlan 97
    switchport mode access
  3. Switch is now configured and it’s time to configure QNAP NAS. Open QNAP CP and navigate to System Settings > Network > TCP/IP tab, select network interface, click on Port Trunking and from the dropdown list select IEEE 802.3ad trunking group.
  4. It will take a few seconds to reconfigure the interface and you will probably notice that connection to your QNAP is lost, leave it and wait until is back. You can also check on your Cisco switch status of the connection, just type the following command:

    switch02#sh int Po2 status

    Port     Name                            Status        Vlan   Duplex    Speed Type
    Po2     AGLON-QNAP01 Ether   connected   97      a-full       a-1000


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